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Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, Natalie understands that you might have lots of questions in your journey to find the right solution for your child. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that might help to set your mind at ease.

Questions about the business

Q: Can you travel to our home?

A: Unfortunately, Hidden Key does not provide a mobile service. We are conveniently located in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and have an inclusive, air-conditioned, very child friendly clinic with all resources and amenities required to run the sessions. 

Q: Do I need to stay for the appointment?

A: This is entirely up to you and your child. You are welcome to sit with your child and I for the session. Alternatively, I have a lounge and reading materials available if you would like a less active role in the session. However, if you feel that your presence would distract your child, then I am happy for you to wait outside. Regardless of your decision, I do encourage a very clear line of communication between myself and the caregiver to ensure that there is a consistent approach between us to maximise the results for your child. 

Q: How often are the appointments and how many times does my child need to attend?

A: Appointments are held weekly and are one hour long in duration. As for the duration of appointments, this depends entirely on the needs and progress of your child. At our first appointment, assessments will be conducted to provide a benchmark of achievement. Most plans will be based on the length of a school term, with a new assessment and plan to be conducted at the commencement of each new term (if required). However, these plans will be discussed with you following the initial assessments. 

Q: Do you offer general tutoring or just literacy intervention?

A: While Natalie specialises in literacy, she is also a registered primary school teacher and therefore is qualified to provide tutoring across all areas of primary education. These sessions are provided at the same hourly rate as literacy intervention sessions. 

Questions relating to your child's needs

Q: My child has dyslexia (specific learning disability of reading), can you help them?

A: Yes! Cracking the ABC Code was originally designed by Dr. Lillian Fawcett to cater to children with both diagnosed and undiagnosed dyslexia. The program was so successful that it was then extended to any child that struggled to read and write. This Code forms the foundation of Hidden Key’s approach to bridging the literacy gap. Natalie has also undertaken several courses to better understand dyslexia and has worked with many children that have had great success under her guidance.

Q: My child has ADHD, is this the right place for them?

A: Yes! Natalie has lots of experience with children which is why her clinic is a child-friendly environment. There are mini-tramps to keep the body moving while learning about phonics, there are a box of fidgets to keep the hands occupied while the brain is focusing and Natalie makes an effort to really connect with each child to make them feel comfortable and in the bests state of mind to learn.

Q: My child is neuro-diverse, is this the right place for them?

A: Yes! Natalie has a deep understanding of neurodiversity and lots of experience in connecting with children with a range of abilities. Natalie is incredibly patient, understanding and focuses on developing a warm and friendly environment for all students to ensure that they feel comfortable and look forward to their weekly sessions. Natalie is happy to work together with any support worker, OT or other carer to help ensure that the needs of your child are being fulfilled. 

Q: My child has additional needs that will need to be supported, can this be achieved?

A: Absolutely. Natalie has created an inclusive environment with a range of seating options, adjustable tables and sensory options. If there are any additional needs that your child needs met to ensure that they are happy and safe while attending their sessions, please discuss these with Natalie.

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