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Hidden Key Literacy Specialists focus on providing individualised programs that harness your child's strengths while targeting their ability to read and write.


We adopt a multi-sensory approach in our evidenced-based teaching programs and help your child to unlock their own hidden potential in a child-friendly environment, with a highly trained and motivated teacher. 

Hidden Key incorporates aspects of the Science of Literacy and Reading and The Cracking the ABC Code, however each child is assessed individually and programs are customised to meet the needs and goals of each student. 

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Natalie Pryor


My name is Natalie Pryor and I am the very proud owner of Hidden Key Literacy Specialists. I have a Masters in Primary Education with a Specialisation in Literacy. I have studied and worked in the Education Industry since 2018 and my passion has always fallen within bridging the gap for children that find the elements of literacy difficult.

I, together with my husband Aaron, am raising two children here on the Sunshine Coast. Being a parent myself, I understand the frustration that parents experience in seeing their child struggle to understand the complexities of the English language. However, I also understand the elation that a parent experiences when they see their child succeed and experience their own levels of success.

It is my passion for working with children, my love of literacy and my understanding of how to translate the hidden curriculum that will help your child not only understand how to read, but to flourish and find their own love for literacy.

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